Commune Photo Gallery

The Date: 15th December 2000

The Place: Richard's house

The Occasion: Something for people to do until everyone else got back from university


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It's a brave man who'll wear a Cambridge fleece in the home of an Oxford student.
"Shaft, he's one bad motherfu-"
"Shut your mouth, bee-yotch!"
Jamie desperately trying to work out how to make the microwave work
Jamie's best Angel impression: "What do you mean, you don't like salted popcorn?"
Such is the excitement of the game, Matt is biting his fingers in anxiousness. Either that, or he's really hungry.
Matt and Rach in an intimate moment.
"Let's blow this joint, steal the poker stake downstairs and fly our way to Brazil!"
The Commune's advert for excessive drinking - "Stops heart attacks and all the cool kids do it!"
The obligatory game of poker is well underway - looking closely, you can see Martin surreptitiously swiping the £5 stake away, the cad!
"Must... drink... all... of... keg... before... party... ends..."
Lying in pain after being caught up in the vicious gang warfare that ensued over the £5 poker stake