Commune Photo Gallery

The Date: 22nd December 2000

The Place: Sevens and Philippa's house

The Occasion: Christmas dinner


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There are also two miscellaneous photos here, at the bottom.

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Mo, looking unusually thoughtful
The question on all our minds is - what is Liz smirking about?
Far too many glasses...
You could be really think that we were some cosmopolitan, urbane group of people from this photo. Until, that is, pennies started to get tossed...
This would do excellently as a business photo for a hip and young new Internet startup company Mo and I set up. Something like: "Ripstar Online can handle all of your e-commerce needs thanks to its dynamic outlook, imbued by its cutting-edge founders."
The script of Mo's millenial speech
A Buffy the Vampire Slayer board game? Surely not!
20 minutes after opening the Buffy board game, we still don't understand the rules. This called for a drastic measure: Monopoly.
Post-Monopoly collapse.
Contrary to popular belief, James does not have two chins. He merely has two faces.
(20-12-00: after Richard's party)
My god, everyone is smiling! Hard to believe, after the long and protracted war over which film to watch.
(21-12-00: my house, DVDs)