My room at Cambridge

The Date: 23rd January 2001

The Place: My building at Cambridge

The Occasion: In between Quantitative Biology and Evolution and Behaviour lectures


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My room, facing the bay windows. I have to admit that my room is usually tidy in these photos.
Facing the computer and bookshelf. You can see my radio-wave atomic-controlled clock above the computer.
Looking outside from my windows - a great way to spot people coming in and out of the building.
My room, facing towards the back. I have an uncommonly large number of radiators in my room (three) plus an electric fireplace. There's also the Hoberman Sphere which always manages to give visitors endless hours of fun.
I live in one of the newer and nicer looking halls of residence in Cambridge. This staircase going up to my room, for example, has been likened by three people independently to the Titanic. Don't ask me why.
(Part of) The outside of my building. My window is the highest one. You can see that I'm taking advantage of the high temperatures to get some washing done (vast numbers of socks can be seen).

What these photos don't yet show is the fact that I, and pretty much every other Trinity first year, lives on what's been called the 'Rooftop Village'. That's right. Every single building, including mine, has a base one or two storeys above ground level.