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The Date: 23rd June 2001

The Place: Cambridge (The Regal)

The Occasion: First Cloudmakers UK meet


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Due to a bit of a mix-up with dates, I (Adrian) managed to organise the first Cloudmakers UK meet to coincide with an animal rights protest which was marching through Cambridge. I briefly considered making a 'Coalition for Robot Freedom' poster and marching up there beside them, but then figured that they probably wouldn't take it that well.

So anyway, we all managed to get to the pub without any trouble and in fact I was the second person there (I managed to walk right past Lizzy in my mad dash towards the bar). Dan Hon and Jeremy arrived shortly afterwards, with Dan Derret coming an hour or so later at 4PM. Once all the pints had been ordered, we trooped off to a table outside.

From left to right: Lizzy, Dan Hon
Here's Jeremy, cradling his 'soup in a glass', or Guinness as some people erroneously call it.
About an hour later, Jeremy has moved onto the hard stuff (coffee) and Dan Derrett is looking on, resplendent in his 3DLabs T-shirt. Kudos goes to both people in this photo for buying me drinks.
Someone must have said something funny just now. Probably had something to do with phone numbers or the far-too-common game-related paranoia that is setting into all of our lives, e.g. 'So the sign on the door said Muppet Masters and I was pretty freaked out...'
Strangely enough for the UK, it was an incredibly sunny and warm day which meant we weren't freezing to death outside.
I think at this point we were warning Dan Derrett not, under any circumstances, to enter #evanchan if he wanted to keep his job. References to pod-bay doors and the sheer amount of sofas, chairs, windows and other assorted furniture littering the channel were made as evidence, as well the epic story Lizzy had to tell to one of her friends to explain why trout was so funny.
Dan Derrett, looking unusually serious, probably because he was disgusted to the core by the tales of depravity and madness he was hearing about #evanchan. Or maybe it was something to do with our discussion of the impending AI spinoff, 'Coroner Sweborg: The Movie'
Before going to Pizza Hut (no, I didn't take any photos there) we walked back to Dan (Hon)'s room since people were visibly shaking from withdrawal symptoms of not being in #evanchan for roughly three hours. People in #evanchan might recall that Dan turned his webcam on here and you could see such wondrous images as Lizzy and Jeremy hiding behind cushions, and also my Cloudmakers T-shirt (only a few left, buy them while you can!)

All in all, it was a good day out and we'll be sure to repeat it in the UK a few more times, and there'll definitely be a Cloudmakers meet at the London premiere of AI in September.