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The Date: 2001

The Place: Cambridge

The Occasion: It's a nice town


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Parker's Piece field at about 8PM. Parker's Piece is a veritably huge piece of common grass in Cambridge which anyone can lie around on or play games of cricket, frisbee, football or volleyball. A very fun place. Bit too overexposed, this photo, but nice sky.
A panorama of Parker's Piece. Now you can really appreciate its scale - and it's right in the heart of Cambridge as well. Same problem with overexposure because I set the exposure rate with the image on the left (i.e. the one not pointing at the sun). Click for a larger version.
Part of the Downing Site of Cambridge University, which is mainly concerned with biology. This particular area has the physiology buildings. I was early for a plant physiology practical and had my camera in my pocket so I decided to take a photo.
Colin looking incredibly sexy (not to me, obviously)
This was one of the first photos I took using my new tripod. For once, I've actually been able to take a photo of myself that I've set up vaguely well. I'm quite pleased with the tripod, it removes all the blur even at high resolutions.

I turned the exposure level down for this photo, and didn't use a flash, so it's normally not that dark when I work on the computer.
More to come...