Volvic Fruit Dressing

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The Date: 24th - 26th August 2001

The Place: Liverpool City Centre

The Occasion: Dressing up as fruit for the Volvic flavoured water promotional campaign


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I'm not going to go over the reason behind all of this fruit dressing again here, since I've already explained it in a previous weblog post. However, these photos should give you an idea of what we had to work with. These photos were taken on the last day of the campaign (a Sunday) and we're currently getting dressed from the costume storage lorry in Liverpool City Centre; the refrigerated lorry with all the water is on the other side.
A few minutes later, and you can see two strawberries looking depressed here. One of them will be me. I'm not sure which one.
I think you can probably appreciate that it was pretty dangerous trying to cross the road in these big costumes when visibility was ridiculously poor - there weren't really any eyeholes in the costume, just a little fuzzy grille; hence the assistance required for the road-crossing-problem.
You can actually see how small and useless the vision-grille was - if you look at the big strawberry on the left, you can see that it's got a small patch on the front. That's what we looked out from.

While I do complain about having to dress up as a big strawberry, in some ways it was preferable to dressing up as a smaller fruit - for one thing, people could see your face which could potentially lead to all sorts of embarrasing situations if you saw anyone you knew.