The Date: 9th - 13th September 2002

The Place: Leicester University

The Occasion: Staying with my friend Liz in Leicester for the British Association for the Advance of Science Annual Festival of Science (more commonly known as the 'BA Festival of Science'


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I didn't take any photos at all during the Festival, probably because I felt that a bunch of pictures of lecturers wouldn't be that interesting. But here's a photo from the day I arrived in Leicester - Radio One had its 'One Big Sunday' free concert in the park, the sun was shining and the music was, well, uneven. Anyway, this is a photo of Liz, whose house I stayed at.
Now, you can't call yourself a student if you don't get up to some hijinks; after all, that's what the taxpayers money is there for. So take a good look at the bottom left corner of this photo...
That's right, the 'L' from the previous photo is now sitting happily in a chair next to Tom's feet. I'm not sure where they found the L, although I did see the word 'arse!' spelt out on the grass from some of the other letters while walking through the park on another day.
And here's a group photo. From left to right: Lisa, Liz, Tom.