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Martin, thoughtfully perusing the shelves, carefully examines a quite fetching top. Probably a bit too revealing.

Note: This is about 11:30PM.
From left to right: Richard, Martin, Jamie. All are deep in thought over whether to buy the gingerbread man or the muffins. Believe it or not, it's a difficult choice. I've been known to consider which sweet bread produce to buy at my local university Sainsbury's for up to five minutes.
This is one of the few times you'll get to see me in shot. For some reason it was deemed necessary to see me standing underneath the 'Crusty Bread' sign.

I have to say that no night out is complete without a comedy visit to the local supermarket along with a digital camera. You just have far too much fun and the staff don't seem to mind too much, apart from giving you sideways looks.
Martin, carrying a special 'buy one get one free' offer for apple turnovers, is devastated by the cordoning off of the drinks area. In desperation, he resorts to the only solution - limbo dancing underneath the barrier.

What you didn't see here was Martin's spine breaking, perhaps explaining his somewhat somber look in the next photo.
Katherine, paying for her card and birthday candles at the checkout. Though it is hard to make out, eagle-eyed readers will be able to see the look of worry on her face as she is targeted by the store CCTV cameras. As readers will know, Katherine is a hardened nefarious criminal with links to shady characters from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Digression: I was just thinking to myself that the words 'Democratic Republic' next to each other couldn't possibly make any sense and that I must have gotten it wrong. But I have not. Apparently the Congo is both a democracy and a republic (yes, I know these two things are not mutually exclusive but it'd probably throw off some Americans, who are, after all, the rulers of the world).
Jamie, asking people with a smile whether they would 'like a taste'. Of what, exactly, we don't know.
Katherine, forever young at heart, is on the Thomas the Tank Engine ride. Despite the fact that there is a sign clearly stating that it was out of order, we couldn't pull her off the machine for at least ten minutes, and even then she threw all manner of tantrums. Hardly befitting of an undercover intelligence operative.
Rachel, inside the helicopter. This helicopter was operational but we decided against spending any money on it.

I believe it's Budgie the Helicopter or whatever the cartoon character that that Royal dreamed up.

So the moral of the story is: after a game of Laserquest, to round the night off all you need is a visit to a local bar, a pitcher of margaritas, chicken nuggets and chips from McDonalds and a digital camera photo session at the 24 hour Sainsbury's. Believe me, it's difficult to have more fun without spontaneously combusting, or at least having an aneurysm.

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