Crowcon Cambridge - 'When Cultures Collides'

Too much TV (1) ... Dance Dance Revolution (2) ... Fire! (3) ... Sunday (4)


The Date: 27th - 28th October 2001

The Place: Cambridge

The Occasion: Paul's birthday


If you'd like enlarged versions of these photos, just email me.

Dance Dance Revolution

A photo of Kim and Rich on the stairs, taken by me at an 'arty' angle. I knew that it'd gone unappreciated when Ritu asked me on IRC why all the pictures were sideways. Oh well.

Soon after the party began, Paul put some music on and some of the more technically inclined guests decided to have a go at trying to hook the CD input up to WinAmp and get some trippy visualisation effects going.

Incredibly enough, it actually worked. Up until a point.

Definitely a candidate for the next Microsoft TV commercial.

After a couple of failed attempts to get it working again, we just switched over to the Smash Hits channel and gazed, entranced, at the crazed antics of Hear'Say set to trance music. By this time, Rich, Kim and some others had retreated upstairs to try and drown out the music with Radiohead. I took the opportunity to set up my PSOne with the Dance Dance Revolution mats.

Lal arrived at roughly this time bearing gifts of crisps.

Kim, Lal and Eccles look on in bemusement as I set up the Dance Dance Revolution infrastructure. Lal, beginning as he means to go on, has already some kind of food or beverage in his hands.

I gave a quick demonstration of the game's mechanics (basically, you step on the arrows as they appear on the screen, along to the beat of the music) and let hijinks ensue.

Lal and Kim, strutting their stuff.

A close-up of the dance mats, with someone's legs.

Curse those scoundrels, etc etc, Kim/Lal/Eccles, for taking a photo of me!

Speaking personally, I think DDR is a great party game since it's not only great fun to play, especially for beginners, but it's also fun to watch. The pads were stomped on quite a lot this night and we actually duct taped them to the carpet to stop them from slipping, with middling success.

Lal, just about to hit an 'up' arrow. It took several attempts to get this photo done (and it isn't even that good!) since whenever I dived in front of the pads I managed to hit a switch on the amp and turn off the music.

Dance Dance Revolution is also a very tiring game.

While all of this was going on, however, evil plans were being hatched in the minds of cunning masterminds (i.e. Rich)...

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