Crowcon Cambridge - 'When Cultures Collides'

Too much TV (1) ... Dance Dance Revolution (2) ... Fire! (3) ... Sunday (4)


The Date: 27th - 28th October 2001

The Place: Cambridge

The Occasion: Paul's birthday


If you'd like enlarged versions of these photos, just email me.


Rich looks on as the fire begins.

For some reason, a fire of pizza boxes and toilet roll was started in the back garden. Perhaps Rich and Paul didn't want to have to clean them up tomorrow, or maybe they felt that global warming was a good thing. Whatever it was, the seeds of mayhem were sown...

[Disclaimer: Don't do this at home, kids! We had adults supervising this fire and there was zero chance of it spreading since the grass was wet. Honest!]

Kim gazes at the fire as Rich, his powers steadily increasing, attempts to make the transfer into a non-corporeal mode of existence, as evidenced by his blurry nature here. It's like an episode of Voyager.

Eccles watches the flames from a safe distance.

Lal. 'Nuff said.

There's no doubt in any of the partygoers minds about who masterminded the fire.

An innocent Barclays Bank magazine, symbol of western capitalism, burns in the harsh flames of entropy.

After all of this excitement, most of us returned inside for another bout of DDR. All was well, until Something Happened. I'll let Kim relate the story here.

"I was playing Dance Dance, looked round the corner, and shouted "Jesus Christ!" as I saw a person sized flame just outside the doorway."

Kim wasn't exaggerating... that's an empty box of beer cans.

Luckily, all of this pyromania got the better of us and it being perhaps 2am, people started leaving and we retired to the TV room to check out what was on.

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