Crowcon Cambridge - 'When Cultures Collides'

Too much TV (1) ... Dance Dance Revolution (2) ... Fire! (3) ... Sunday (4)


The Date: 27th - 28th October 2001

The Place: Cambridge

The Occasion: Paul's birthday


If you'd like enlarged versions of these photos, just email me.


Late night TV always holds some surprises; take, for example, the pure fun that watching Powerpuff Girls with a sign-language caption in the bottom can be! Equally strange was the anime movie we watched on the SciFi channel called Adventure Duo. Someone summed up the movie quite succintly as, "This is what gives anime a bad name." Suffice to say, it was really, really peculiar and, well, it only had one theme.

During this time there was a bit of confusion as the clocks were turned back (one extra hour of TV watching!), but we made the transition to another anime movie whose name escapes me right now, set after World War Three in a city controlled by AIs. Much better than Adventure Duo, even if its mechs had a strange design.

Me: "Why's that robot got bunny ears?"

Kim: "Because it's got cameras on them, and it can use them to peer around corners."

Me: "Ah, right."


Me: "Yeah, but why doesn't it just use a camera on a stick, then, and stick that around corners?"

Kim: "Look, it's just cooler to have them as ears, okay?"

Finally, there was a spot of The Magic Roundabout and I fell asleep at that point. Luckily, my superpower (the ability to know when someone is pointing a camera at me) didn't fail me and I woke up just as Rich was about to take a photo, foiling his dastardly plans. The issue of who got to sleep on sofas was sorted out with remarkably low amounts of acrimony and we got at least four hours of sleep.

Yes, that black mound on the sofaed is actually Kim.

Lal and Rich. Lal has a disturbingly bright smile for one who has only had, at most, five hours of sleep.

The sad remains of the fire.

Wonder Woman is a surprisingly entertaining television programme. Not quite as good as the Futurama and Simpsons that were on after it, of course, but even so...

Lal had to drive back to London after this, and I cycled back to college for lunch and a shower. Shortly afterwards, we met up in Trinity College backs for a quick walk around a couple of the colleges.

Trinity College Backs (because they 'back' onto the river). Kim, Paul, Eccles and Rich are on the bridge.

Kim and Eccles, looking good and laughing at the misfortunes of the punters below. A few minutes after this photo we saw a squirrel digging something up on the lawn, clearly an agent of Amanda's, up to no good.

Walking to King's College. Kim, Rich, Paul and Eccles are in this photo.

King's College, Cambridge.

And that's about it, really - Kim had to catch the train home and I cycled back to my room. All in all, an extremely fun party and it was great for me to meet all the other Culturniks.